Patryk Potrykus

DevOps Engineer & CEO at WEBSTAGRAM.PL


What I am all about.

Patryk Potrykus - DevOps Engineer with passion. Love to work with all technologies related to the DevOps methodology. It excites me when I find another routine task that I can automate or make it better. In my spare time, I do calisthenics, stretching, listening to audiobooks, studying and jogging.


Continuous Improvement.


Configuring all needed .yml for the best deployment on the k8s platform. Migrating to ESP platform(built on Mirantis) from virtual machines.


CI/CD with Bamboo

Preparing CI/CD using bamboo, BitBucket, Ansible, docker, gitops methodology. The whole configuration is stored in a git repository.


Team Player

I am very creative, adaptable, communicative, social, and a team player. I love to work with curious people around me. I am aware that soft skills are also important.


Linux & Windows

Mostly using RedHat, Ubuntu, and Debian distributions. I was managing more than 3000+ Windows and Linux servers, switches, routers, access points, firewalls, and devices under test(DUTs).


Continuous Mastering.

1. CI/CD

2. Microservices & Orchestration

3. Cloud & Hypervisor

4. Configuration Management

5. Monitoring & Logging

6. Build

7. Programming Languages

8. Operating System

9. Code Management & Repo

10. Communication & Collaboration

11. Infrastructure

12. Other tools & Technologies


Yes. I've been around.
2020 – Present

DevOps Engineer

Ework Group

Remote & Gdansk, Poland

Provide a reliable and modern platform for CI and hosting needs, for a variety of both back-end and front-end applications, in order to make their way from development to production as smooth as possible. Configuration of Linux environments, setting up and maintaining of Bamboo and other DevOps tools.

2019 – 2020

DevOps Engineer

Currenda Sp. z o.o.

Remote & Sopot, Poland

Creating new CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins and Kubernetes. Tasks automation using Ansible and bash scripts. Maintaining environments, accelerating Jobs for a faster software release.

2018 – 2019

IT Environment Engineer

Solwit S.A. | Intel

Gdansk, Poland

Maintaining test environment. Analyzing output logs from tests, looking for errors, and try to fix them. Adding new features to the local monitoring tool, our frontend application.

2018 – 2018

DevOps Engineer

Solwit S.A. | Intel

Gdansk, Poland

Working in Continuous Integration of DevOps practice, maintaining and creating configurations in QuickBuild for clients.

2017 – 2018

IT Infrastructure Engineer

Solwit S.A. | Intel

Gdansk, Poland

Building developer machines, repairing devices for tests, configuring servers, maintaining TeamCity, TFS, Windows Server, and all upgrades.

2016 – 2017

Junior Cloud System Administrator

Solwit S.A. | Intel

Gdansk, Poland

Building environments on OpenStack for developing Intel’s TAP project, completely automated by Ansible.

2016 – 2018

Network Administrator

Gdansk University of Technology

Gdansk, Poland

Maintaining the whole network in Gdansk University of Technology dorms. Automation, monitoring, configuration, and completing hardware and programming tasks.


Lazy isn't in my vocabulary.
2013 – 2017

Gdansk University of Technology

Engineer’s degree, Electronics and Telecomunication

Gdansk, Poland

Gathering new knowledge and skills about how the computer network works, learning new programming languages, and building electrical circuits, automatic systems, autonomous vehicles and many more.


Continuous Learning!

CKA: Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Certificate issued by The Linux Foundation

Earners of this designation demonstrated the skills, knowledge and competencies to perform the responsibilities of a Kubernetes Administrator. Earners demonstrated proficiency in Application Lifecycle Management, Installation, Configuration & Validation, Core Concepts, Networking, Scheduling, Security, Cluster Maintenance, Logging / Monitoring, Storage, and Troubleshooting.


Here it gets interesting.

Migration of Java Spring Boot Application from Windows to Linux then package it to Docker container and implement in Kubernetes environment.

Migration from VMware and virtual machines to Proxmox hypervisor with kubernetes on top of it with GitOps approach.

Own RaspberryPI TV Channel in Guest Houses with changing cameras from the local beach, village, playground with custom text and background music.

Configured multiple Ubiquiti Networks for private and guests usage with CCTV and Home media center.

On-line streaming platform from DVB-T to IPTV digital signal for more than 500 users in Gdansk University of Technology dormitories.

Websites built in HTML & CSS, Wordpress and Brizy tool with booking engine for guest and cottage houses.


There are few.
  • Currenda
  • Gdansk University of Technology
  • SKOS
  • Solwit
  • Intel